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Please Note:

PayPal charges 2.9% plus 30 cents on every transaction. I have had to add the 2.9% on as a tax.  I am sorry to have to pass that fee along to you.

 Sponsor a Teen

If you would like to Sponsor a Teen, simply click on the Donation Button below, and choose the amount that you wish to contribute. Or you may choose to mail a donation to the address on this page. Thank you for helping our wonderful teens.


Chase QuickPay

Send payment to virtually anyone, anywhere. Or, have someone send you  payment—without cash or checks. This is an ideal method for you to transfer funds. You do not need to be a Chase customer to use this service.

We've now joined a multi-bank, person-to-person payment network called clearXchange, providing a faster, more convenient way to exchange payments with customers, co-workers, friends and family at other participating banks.

Convenient, Simple, Secure and always Free.

Simply enroll online and use Chase QuickPay from your computer or mobile phone.

Chase QuickPay is always safe and secure. You won't see your recipients' account information, and they won't see yours.



 Mail all Checks/Money Orders to:

Cheryl Reeder

3245 Hoover Road

Bethel, OH 45106