Code of Conduct

In order to insure that everyone knows what will be permitted and discouraged, we have included behavior, etiquette, and dress code rules. 

No Improper PDA (Public Display of Affection)
Kissing and/or Caressing or extended embracing  
(As in making out)

Proper Dance etiquette and behavior require that there is: No Body against body Grinding, Groping, Provocative, Movements/Dirty Dancing, or Moshing.

***We reserve the right to ask a person or persons to leave the event if inappropriate or dangerous behavior is being observed.

For your Safety

We ask that you do not leave the premises during the Prom Event. If you need something from your vehicle, a chaperone will be happy to escort you.  You will be checked out, if you decide to leave the Prom before the evening concludes at midnight. You will not be allowed to return. 

***Please understand that this is all for your safety, and your parents piece of mind. In cases of special circumstances such a family emergency, etc... we will make exceptions.

Our goal is for every guest to have a safe, and wonderful time.


Dress Code 


Formal, Semi-formal, Special Occasion dresses or pantsuits


Tuxes, Suits, Dress pants with a shirt and tie

(No Jeans Please!)

Every year teens come in a wide variety of attire. Some teens choose to wear traditional formal attire, others throwback and funky attire, and some dress for the theme.  All styles are welcomed, but we do ask that you keep modesty as a priority. No extremely short dresses or plunging necklines, or backs.
***The Cincinnati Homeschool Prom is, and always will be a FORMAL EVENT.  However, if someone does not have access to formal attire, they will NOT  be turned away from Prom.

***We reserve the right to ask a person to return home and change into more modest attire, if the need arises.